2c.) RF Clipper Model PEP for external Operation.


GENERAL: R.F. Clipper with adjustable a.f. compression and noise gate. Clip Level indicated by LEDs. Tuneable BFO for pitch control. Compression settable between 1:1 and 9:1. Adjustable output level. Clipper/Compressor may be bypassed by switch. Alternatively, you may bypass the r.f. clipper only and use the compressor alone (including it’s noise gate). The r.f. clipper uses a pre-aligned dual limiting circuit as well as three 6 pole ssb ladder filters and a switchable low-pass filter with 2.4 and 5 kHz with low reduction depending on the pitch (BFO) setting. Some attenuation has been provided for at and around 1 kHz (can be adjusted by pitch control) in order to allow for an optimum physiological response. Input and output connectors are 8 pin standard a.f. types.

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